IB Interpreting
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IB Interpreting is a small business that takes the time and effort to fit the needs of our customers. Whether it is interpreting American Sign Language to English verbally or English to American Sign Language visually, we do our best to accommodate every need.

Our team of interpreters is Nationally Certified through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf www.rid.org. We believe it is important to provide top quality interpreting and transliteration for every situation.

We are located in System for Award Management (SAM) and U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

IB Interpreting
"Working with Ivy Brothers is always a stress free experience. Several times I have had to request interpreting services within days of a requested meeting and they have always been more then accommodating. I truly appreciated all their help."
"I just want to pass along a compliment that I received on Friday regarding the level of interpreting we (you) provide. The student with whom I met on Friday stated that he has been very impressed by the interpreting that he has received to date. The skill level and the professionalism is outstanding. This student received his undergraduate degree at another highly acclaimed public university in Virginia. He says that he did not receive this quality of interpreting his whole time there. Thank you for providing us with such a high level of interpreting services! Your quality is definitely noticed!"